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Department of Psychology

Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Claudia Lage PhD student
Professor Michael Lamb Emeritus Professor , Emeritus Fellow, Editor, Journal of Psychology, Public Policy and Law., Former President and Council Representative, Division 7 (Developmental Psychology), American Psychological Association.
Dr Rebecca Lawson University Assistant Professor, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Bye-Fellow at PeterHouse College
Kieran Lee 07766578613 PhD student
Katherine Leiser Teaching and General Office Administrator
Evan Lewis-Healey PhD student
Liz (Yuanxi) Li Research Associate
Keith Liang PhD Student
Professor Brian Little Distinguished Scholar
Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, Research Fellow, Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development , Birkbeck, London
Ekim Luo (罗一景) PhD Student
Fiona Lyall Grant +44 (0)1223 (3)30782 Assistant Department Administrator and HR Coordinator