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We are an interdisciplinary discussion group and network that focuses on exploring, reading around, and discussing the theme of ‘Neurodivergent Socialities’. We are affiliated to the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge with academic oversight from Dr Kate Plaisted-Grant (

We meet approximately once a week (in a relaxed, informal setting) to discuss topics such as neurodivergence at Cambridge, neurodivergence in literature and history, identity politics of neurodivergence, neurodivergence in families, diagnostic politics, neurodivergence across cultures, neurodivergence and queerness etc.

We are also interested in promoting collaborations and mentoring relationships between postgraduates and undergraduates, especially in the context of collaborative research. We periodically organise ‘mini talks’ where a PhD student/someone working on a neurodivergence-related research topic informally takes us through their research and then we all have a round-table discussion about it. In the future, we hope to branch out to a greater variety of events and discussion formats.

If you would like to find out more or join a discussion session, please contact Inika Murkumbi ( or Ellen Taylor-Bower (