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Department of Psychology

I have been conducting my PhD research under the supervision of Professor Usha Goswami FRS CBE FBA and under the advice of Mr Mahmoud Keshavarzi at the University of Cambridge in the Kingdom since 2020. Prior to my PhD research at Cambridge in the Kingdom, I developed advanced computational skills while studying neurobiology at Columbia University in the States. In addition to scientific research, I also have received intensive training in paleography (i.e., research on ancient writing) and philology (i.e, research on historical change in language) in Taiwan.


Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

My supervision of undergraduate papers includes:

PBS 3: Developmental and Social Psychology

PBS 6: Developmental Psychopathology

NST Part II/ PBS 9: Language, Mind, and Brain

PhD Student
Person keywords: 
Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
Language Disorders
Language Development
Historical Phonology
Reading Development
Not available for consultancy