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Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Auditory Perception Group in the Department of Psychology.

Group members:

Professor Brian C. J. Moore

Dr. Brian R. Glasberg

Dr. Thomas Baer

Dr. Andrew Kolarik

Dr. Sheila Flanagan

Dr. Josef Schlittenlacher 




Programs available:

Programs for calculating ISO 532 32-bit & 64-bit Loudness PROGRAMS: Download 

Loudness Model for Time Varying Sounds incorporating binaural inhibition: 

Programs available for measuring PTCs and sensitivity to TFS: 

  •            Updated version April 26th 2018     A fast method for determining PTCs:               Information       Download 

  •            Updated version April 26th 2018     Two methods for determining TFS sensitivity:    Information       Download 

  •            Updated version April 26th 2018     Determining binaural TFS sensitivity: The TFS-AF test: Information       Download 


Programs for running psychoacoustic experiments 





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