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Department of Psychology




The Department organises occasional talks given by distinguished professors of psychology. 

Charity "Bring and Share"

Department members are encouraged to organise social events to help Charities Organisations. This is great to socialise and help others. See photos (members only)

Coffee break

From 11 am-1 pm - More information is available in the monthly Bulletin 

Every day, we have TWO hours of free hot drinks exclusively for staff and students from the Department of Psychology. The idea is to promote a break from work/study and to encourage socializing while enjoying a nice coffee break. 

Happy Hour

The Department organises a monthly Pay Day event to encourage interaction between all members of staff. It plays a part in making the Department the sociable, harmonious and interactive place it is today.  More information is available in the monthly Bulletin See photos (members only)


The University operates a number of contribution reward and progression schemes found here for different staff categories.

Annual Garden Party

The Department organises a garden party every year for staff; in 2021 this took place in the beautiful garden of Downing College. See photos (members only)

Christmas Party

Every year, the Department organises a Christmas Party. The theme changes and we often help raise money for a charity. See photos (members only)