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Department of Psychology

volunteers needed

Why become a volunteer? 

Contribute to science

Help advance research

Help Scientists

Get paid


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a psychology lab?

Come and see for yourself! You will not only be contributing to science but you will also receive a modest monetary compensation for your time.

To find out what studies you can sign up to, all you need to do is create a participant account in SONA, our research recruitment system.  

On the SONA System you will be able to:

  • Sign up for experiments with just a click
  • Choose the time slot that works best for you
  • Access the system 24/7 and while on the go through the SONA mobile app
  • Receive reminders of all the studies you have signed up to do the next day, so you won't miss any!
  • New studies will be added on a regular basis, please keep coming back to check for new experiments."

We look forward to welcoming participants to our studies.