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Department of Psychology

Welcome to CUBIT

The Cambridge University Behavioural Insights Team (CUBIT) aims to facilitate networking between researchers interested in the translation of behavioural science across the University. We connect social psychologists, behavioural economists, experts in public policy, health, the environment, engineering and design with others who would like to use the latest behavioural insights to tackle the challenges of today. This project is in its first stages, and we hope to facilitate a range of behavioural insights inspired-activities across the University.

12th August 2020 | New blog post on COVID-19 and Mental Health

2020: Easter

Reading Group

For Easter 2020, we convened reading group discussions on the theme of Mental Health in the context of COVID-19. These events were hosted on Zoom.

We also hosted a final discussion on the theme of Disruption.

Panel Event

We hosted an online Panel Event on COVID-19 and Mental Health on the 21st of May 2020, bringing together three experts on COVID-19 and Mental Health, each providing a unique point of discussion, all through the lens of behavioural science:

Prof Tim Dalgleish | on positive health impacts of the crisis | paper

Dr Amy Orben | on our current relationship with technology | paper

Dr Julieta Galante | on the role and potential of online therapy | paper

Careers Event

We hosted a virtual Behavioural Insights Careers Event  on the 23rd of April 2020. The event included presentations and an opportunity to pose questions to colleagues from the Civil Service (Cabinet Office), Facebook, The Behavioural Insights Team and Common Thread.

2020: Lent

Reading Group

For Lent 2020, we convened one reading group discussion on the theme of Disruption. During this meeting, researchers from various domains and perspectives were invited to actively take part in the discussion of a paper.

2019: Michaelmas

Reading Group

For Michaelmas 2019, we convened three reading group discussions on the theme of Climate Change. During these meetings, researchers from various domains and perspectives were invited to actively take part in the discussion of a paper.

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Contact / Mailing List

If you are interested in joining one of our events or hearing more about our upcoming plans, please email Rakoen Maertens ( and you will be added you to our mailing list.

CUBIT Committee

Dr Lee de-Wit
Dr Leor Zmigrod
Melisa Basol
Tessa Buchanan
Rakoen Maertens


*The Cubit: an ancient measurement unit