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October 2021 Welcome back to Ming Ye who has started his PhD in the lab, and welcome to Nathaniel Wright who has started his MPhil.
September 2021 Dr Nishant Kumar, Prof Nicky Clayton, Dr Gabrielle Davidson and Dr Rachael Miller (Harrison) won a seed grant of £15000 from the University of Oxford’s Global Challenges Research Funds through IndOx (India - Oxford) Initiative. This grant will help CCL to work in collaboration with the PAWS-Web ( founded by Dr Kumar in September 2020. 
August 2021 Dr Rachael Miller (Harrison) finished her 2-year role with CCL as Postdoc Research Associate/ Lab Manager and has started a new Visiting Researcher role with the Dept of Psychology, Cambridge University.
January 2021

We've been having fun and being creative in our online lab meetings, including playing our version of "Would I Lie To You?/ Two Truths, One Lie" and re-creating famous artist/ album covers. For example, first photo (above, top) showing some fantastic re-creations of Queen's album cover (Queen II, image from: and second photo (above, lower) showing re-creations of Henry VIII (image from:  

January 2021 Dr Alizée Vernouillet has started a new Postdoctoral Researcher position at Ghent University in Prof. Frederick Verbrugghen's Ctrl-ImpAct lab - congrats Alizée! 
December 2020 Congratulations to Dr Pauline Billard who successfully completed her PhD!
October 2020 Welcome to Francesca Cornero and James Davies, who have started their PhDs in the lab, and Ming Ye, who has started his MPhil with the lab. 
September 2020 One of our Postdocs, Dr Luigi Baciadonna, has just accepted a new role at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Turin, Italy, our Research Associate/ Lab Manager (maternity cover), Dr María Cabrera, has just started a new Researcher role with the FishEthoGroup, Faro, Portugal and our most recent PhD graduate, Dr Piero Amodio, has started a Postdoc role at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy - congrats Luigi, Maria and Piero! 
August 2020 We welcome back Dr Rachael Miller (Harrison) from maternity leave, returning to the role of Research Associate and Lab Manager. 
November 2019 Congratulations to Dr Rachel Crosby who successfully completed her PhD!
October 2019 Welcome to Jamie DuBois who has just started her PhD, Emily Danby, who is joining us as a BBSRC Lab Rotation Doctoral Student, and Francesca Cornero, who is doing a Masters with the lab.
August 2019 Welcome to Dr Alizée Vernouillet as new Research Assistant, and Dr María Cabrera as Lab Manager and Research Associate (maternity cover).
October 2018 Congratulations to Prof Nicky Clayton, who will be the 2019 President of the British Science Association, Psychology section.
October 2018

Dr Anna Frohnwieser and Dr Camille Troisi are going to have a stand with ASAB at the Big Biology Day in Cambridge (photo below). Come and see us to talk about corvid cognition! 

September 2018 Congratulations to Dr Alex Schnell for her Newton International Fellowship. She will be comparing the capacity for self-control and future-planning in cephalopods and corvids.


Comparative Cognition Lab.