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January 2021 - We've been having fun and being creative in our online lab meetings, including playing our version of "Would I Lie To You?/ Two Truths, One Lie" and re-creating famous artist/ album covers. For example, first photo (above, top) showing some fantastic re-creations of Queen's album cover (Queen II, image from: and second photo (above, lower) showing re-creations of Henry VIII (image from:  

January 2021 - Dr Alizée Vernouillet has started a new Postdoctoral Researcher position at Ghent University in Prof. Frederick Verbrugghen's Ctrl-ImpAct lab - congrats Alizée! 

December 2020 - Congratulations to Dr Pauline Billard who successfully completed her PhD!

October 2020 - Welcome to Francesca Cornero and James Davies, who have started their PhDs in the lab, and Ming Ye, who has started his MPhil with the lab. 

September 2020 - One of our Postdocs, Dr Luigi Baciadonna, has just accepted a new role at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Turin, Italy, our Research Associate/ Lab Manager (maternity cover), Dr María Cabrera, has just started a new Researcher role with the FishEthoGroup, Faro, Portugal and our most recent PhD graduate, Dr Piero Amodio, has started a Postdoc role at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy - congrats Luigi, Maria and Piero! 

August 2020 - We welcome back Dr Rachael Miller (Harrison) from maternity leave, returning to the role of Research Associate and Lab Manager. 

November 2019 - Congratulations to Dr Rachel Crosby who successfully completed her PhD!

October 2019 - Welcome to Jamie DuBois who has just started her PhD, Emily Danby, who is joining us as a BBSRC Lab Rotation Doctoral Student, and Francesca Cornero, who is doing a Masters with the lab.

August 2019 - Welcome to Dr Alizée Vernouillet as new Research Assistant, and Dr María Cabrera as Lab Manager and Research Associate (maternity cover).

October 2018 - Congratulations to Prof Nicky Clayton, who will be the 2019 President of the British Science Association, Psychology section.

October 2018 - Dr Anna Frohnwieser and Dr Camille Troisi are going to have a stand with ASAB at the Big Biology Day in Cambridge (photo below). Come and see us to talk about corvid cognition! 

September 2018 - Congratulations to Dr Alex Schnell for her Newton International Fellowship. She will be comparing the capacity for self-control and future-planning in cephalopods and corvids.

Comparative Cognition Lab.