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Department of Psychology


General information for visitors

Visitors to the University are able to use the network and may be able to apply for email accounts and University account credentials.

There are several services that are available to visitors:

  • eduroam is widely available both within and without the University. You will arrive with eduroam configured for your home institution and it should just work.
  • If you are short-term visitor without eduroam settings for your home institution, your host institution in Cambridge could issue you with temporary access to the wireless network (which may also give you access to printing facilities).
  • As an official or accredited visitor, your host institution in Cambridge can apply for University Information Services accounts for you. These will include:
    • University account credentials: you can access Cambridge-only facilities such as electronic journals which use University accounts to authenticate access. 
    • Email account
    • Desktop services account

Services for visitors | IT Help and Support (


Guidance for Visitors and their Supervisors

Please read the guidance document before completing your application form


Visitor Application Form

We are currently receiving a large number of visitor applications.  Please ensure you apply at least one month before you wish to visit, especially if you are required to have a visa.

Please note that you will not be allowed to enter the premises until you have received your Visitor Agreement as you will not be insured.

Submit the visitor form online



If you see an error message (for example error 404), please try to clear your browser cache and open it again. Alternatively, you can download the form below, complete it and send it along with the latest copy of your CV to .

Alternative submission: Download and send the Visitor Form by email.

*if you are visiting under an arrangement with your employer/home institution please also include your reference letter in your email.