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Department of Psychology

Teaching Office Manager: Richard Sellens
Teaching Administrator: Kate Limond


Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos (PBS)

PBS Part IA (Year 1)
PBS Part IB (Year 2)
PBS Part II (Year 3)


Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) courses

NST Part IB Experimental Psychology
NST Part II Psychology, Part II BBS Major Subject Psychology


Transferable skills

Click here for transferable skills within psychology courses in the Natural Sciences Tripos, and the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos


If you are a current member of the University and need access to one of our Moodle sites, please contact teaching[at]


Support from the Psychology Library

Psychology Library website

Reading Lists Online

Library page on the Student Hub

Academic skills teaching


Unicamcareers Blog

Letter from one undergraduate...


Student Computer Room Printers

To print from the computers in the Student Computer Room or Room 111, you need a DS-print account that is in credit.

Top up your DS-print account.

Install DS-Print software (instructions)