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Department of Psychology

Postgraduate students who wish to consolidate their study of statistics are welcome to follow the flipped-classroom online statistics course designed for all NST Part II students.

This online course has a clear and simple structure: there are 5 topics in total and each topic comes with its own set of problems and worked examples (which should be completed by hand and using the statistical software SPSS). The instructions, exercises, and model answers for each topic are provided on Moodle.

The course material begins at an elementary and introductory level covering the basics of sampling theory and exploring and describing data (Topic 1). The course then transitions into learning about confidence intervals, t-tests, effect-sizes, and statistical power (Topic 2). Statistical relationships are covered in Topic 3 (e.g. correlation and regression) and the course ends with a deep dive into the theory and application of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA, Topics 4 and 5).

Each topic has its own dedicated theory booklet and accompanying set of exercises (see section on exercises below), which you are expected to read and complete on your own, at your own pace.

Please contact the Postgraduate Office if you would like to be added to the relevant Moodle page.