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Department of Psychology


Professor Zoe Kourtzi and her team have been awarded the MedTech Boost 'Best Pitch'.

20 September 2019

Medtech award Cambridge MemTech group has been awarded the MedTechBOOST for the best impact on healthy ageing with i nnovative solutions for early detection of dementia. Congratulations to Professor Zoe Kourtzi and her team! For more details please see the Cambridge Independent Article

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Professor Usha Goswami has been awarded the Yidan Prize for Education Research.

18 September 2019

logo_ydp_full_2.png Professor Usha Goswami has been awarded the Yidan Prize, the world’s largest international prize in education. prof-usha-goswami.jpg "I am deeply honoured to receive the Yidan Prize, and to join the other highly distinguished Yidan Laureates. I have been interested in children’s reading development...

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half of the UK flag and half European Union flag

Lee de-Wit, Tessa Buchanan (from PolPsych Lab.) and Alan Renwick (from UCL) find that most British voters think EU immigration rules would provide “enough control”

13 September 2019

Lee de-Wit and Tessa Buchanan (from the Political Psychology Lab ) together with Alan Renwick (deputy director of the UCL Constitution Unit) find that most British people think EU immigration rules would provide “enough control” In a recent YouGov sample, Buchanan and colleagues found that very few British people know...

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Clive Wilkins and Nicky Clayton on The Guardian - "The magicians trying to change the world"

10 September 2019

clive-wilkins.jpg Pro fessor Nicky Clayton and Mr Clive Wilkins are interviewed by Claire Armitstead (The Guardian) for the article "The magicians trying to change the world". prof-nicola-clayton.jpg Read this amazing interview with Professor Clayton and Mr Wikins (artist in residence i n the Department of Psychology)...

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Le psychologue Michael E. Lamb, professeur à l’Université de Cambridge, a été honoré à la cérémonie de collation des grades de la Faculté des arts et des sciences le 26 août. CRÉDIT : SPEQ PHOTO

Professor Michael Lamb receives the Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal

5 September 2019

Congratulations are due to Prof Michael Lamb , who has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal.

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Dr. Sander van der Linden receives Early Career Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)

19 August 2019

the-department-welcomes-dr-sander-van-der-linden.jpg "The SPSP Sage Young Scholar Award recognizes outstanding achievements by scholars who are early in their research careers. The awards are intended to provide these scholars with funds that can be flexibly applied in extending their work in new and exciting directions...

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Prof. Usha explains language development in the Radio 4 - BBC

13 August 2019

prof-usha-goswami-in-interview-to-bbc-radio-explains-the-way-the-brain-records-and-retains.jpg Prof Usha Goswami in the interview by Stephen Fry for the Fry's English Delight Fry's English Delight - Series 10 - You Must Remember This "When it comes to language that scans and rhymes, our memories are much more likely to...

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Prof Susan Golombok elected Fellow of the British Academy

9 August 2019 Prof Susan Golombok has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy, in recognition of her achievements in the social sciences. Susan Golombok is Professor of Family Research, Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge and Professorial Fellow at Newnham College. Her...

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Psychology Undergraduate Awards 2019

1 August 2019

Psychology Undergraduate Awards 2019 British Psychological Society Prize The British Psychological Society Prize for best performance across accredited programmes was awarded to Rhys Proud (Emmanuel) Cambridge University Press Prizes The Cambridge University Press Prize for best performance in PBS Part IA was awarded to...

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Professor Usha Goswami talks about "How nursery rhymes can tackle dyslexia"

5 July 2019

prof-usha-goswami.jpg Professor Usha Goswami latest interview has just came out on TES magazine In the interview, Prof Usha describes how rhythmic language, such as nursery rhymes, helps to kick-start children's developing language systems and the vast benefits this research could have for pupils with dyslexia". A copy of...

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