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Department of Psychology

Professor Usha Goswami has been awarded the Yidan Prize, the world’s largest international prize in education.



"I am deeply honoured to receive the Yidan

Prize, and to join the other highly distinguished Yidan Laureates. I have been interested in children’s reading development since training as a primary school teacher, and since then I have aimed to produce research to support children’s early reading acquisition across languages and to ameliorate developmental dyslexia across languages. It is an honour for me to have my work and that of my colleagues at the Centre for Neuroscience in Education at the University of Cambridge recognised by the Yidan Foundation. " - U. Goswami.



Professor Goswami will receive the awards at the Yidan  Prize  Awards  Presentation  Ceremony.  Distinguished guests from around the world will witness this memorable moment at a widely anticipated international education event on the 1st of December, in Hong Kong


Usha Goswami, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and a world-leading researcher in the fields of literacy, neuroscience and education, has become Cambridge’s first Yidan Prize Laureate. Usha says that The award of the Yidan Prize enables to begin a programme of research into oral language difficulties, a long-term ambition.


"I would like to thank my colleagues in the Centre for Neuroscience in Education for their commitment to doing research that will help to improve children’s lives, and the University of Cambridge for supporting me in setting up the Centre for Neuroscience in Education in 2005." 

- U. Goswami.




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