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Department of Psychology

The Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour (CJHB) has released its inaugural issue, which can be found on This student-led, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, is open to any undergraduate student to submit to. 


This is a student project which we are proud to recommend. Our PBS students are encouraged to further develop their favourite essays and submit to publish in the journal, which will allow to gain experience in write for publication. 



"When supervising students, I often read brilliant essays and saw that students were passionate to explore the topic further. However, as there was no channel to publish the essay, there was no incentive to further develop it after the supervision. Now I can encourage all students that if they like a topic and write a good essay, to further develop it into a paper to be published in the CJHB. This is in fact how the journal came into existence: while supervising Edoardo Chidichimo (CJHB's current Editor-in-Chief) for PBS3, we looked for channels to publish student essays. This search developed in the idea to found this journal."

Rakoen Maertens


“The formation of this new journal is a tribute to the talent and initiative of our students. It will be a privilege to get to read and assess the work of undergraduate students during their studies, and it is fantastic that this journal now offers the opportunity for students to share their thinking, ideas, and research with the wider world. At Cambridge we encourage students to cross disciplinary borders in their learning, and it is pleasing to see students taking that one step further in establishing this cross-disciplinary journal for the study of Human Behaviour.”

Professor Mark H. Johnson FBA