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Department of Psychology

Professor Susan Golombok's new book, Modern Families: Parents and Children in New Family Forms, has just been published by Cambridge University Press. Professor Golombok is the Director of the Centre for Family Research, and she is Professor of Family Research.

In Modern Families, Professor Golombok considers the large body of research that has been carried out over the last 35 years on children growing up in new family forms and she concludes that what is important for the psychological well-being of children is not the structure of the family, but rather the quality of relationships within the family. Children growing up in new family forms are just like children growing up in traditional families. However, children in new family forms do still experience some degree of stigmatisation, especially from other children.

Professor Golombok has written an article for the Child and Family Blog, which appeared today (12 March), in which she summarises her work.

In an interview recorded late last year, Professor Golombok talks about children growing up in new family forms:

Information about Modern Families can be found on the publisher's website: