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Department of Psychology


I am a researcher originating from the US, Southern Kentucky, specialising in human cognition, behaviour, and cultural studies. I am passionate about exploring diverse cultures and understanding the many factors that make up the human experience! 

In my research at the University of Cambridge, I engage in interdisciplinary inquiry that intersects the domains of anthropology, psychology, linguistics, and human behavioural ecology. I aim to elucidate the dynamics of human cognition and behaviour from evolutionary, ecological, and cultural perspectives.

During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a multidisciplinary education that spanned Indo-European Languages (both ancient and modern) and the Natural and Social Human Sciences.

I concluded my undergraduate studies with Arizona State University, where I earned a BA in Anthropology and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2022.

I am a member of the Comparative Cognition Lab and am supervised by Professor Nicola S. Clayton FRS for my PhD.

I am also conducting an ongoing research project in collaboration with my previous MPhil supervisor in the Department of Archaeology, Dr. Nikhil Chaudhary.

I am a member of Selwyn College and actively engage in its community in my role as MCR Secretary. I am also a proud Alumnus of Girton College, having been a member during the 2022-23 academic year when earning my MPhil.



PhD Research

My PhD research investigates the differential experiences and perceptions of time, exploring the relationship between Mental Time Travel (MTT) and Linguistic Relativity. The objective is to elucidate the extent to which linguistic variations in conceptualizing time affect our memory and recall, mental temporal representations, and our perceptions of the future. I aim to advance our understanding of the cognitive underpinnings of time experience and perception.

MPhil Research 

My Master of Philosophy (MPhil) research focused on the interplay between socio-ecological conditions at the neighbourhood level—such as population density, ethnic diversity, and crime rate—and psychological responses within large multi-ethnic populations. This study primarily investigated the schizotypy continuum, a psychometric construct that encapsulates a spectrum of cognitive traits ranging from supernatural thinking and eccentricity to social confidence, extroversion, paranoia, and unusual perceptual experiences. By examining these traits in the context of evolved psychological mechanisms, my research aims to bridge the gap between the general population and individuals exhibiting schizophrenia spectrum disorders, contributing to a broader understanding of the variability in human cognitive traits.

Although I have finished the degree, this research project remains ongoing. I am working on compiling the data collected into articles to be submitted for publication.



Supervisions for Lent Term 2024

B1: Humans in Biological Perspective 

PBS6: Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology — What Causes Autism?

PBS10: Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience — Combining Clinical, Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to The Complex Symptoms of Mental Illness


Engagement and Collaboration

As an advocate for the advancement of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration, I am committed to contributing to the academic discourse surrounding human cognition and behaviour. My research endeavours not only to push the boundaries of our current understanding but also to inform practical approaches in healthcare, urban development, and policy-making. I warmly welcome opportunities for collaboration and dialogue with fellow scholars, practitioners, and other individuals interested in exploring the multifaceted nature of human cognition and its implications for society.

PhD student

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Brain-Culture Coevolution
Cognitive Anthropology
Cognitive Psychology
Comparative Cognition
Cultural Evolution
Evolutionary Medicine
Evolutionary Psychology
Gene-Culture Coevolution
Human Behavioural Ecology
Intercultural Hermeneutics
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