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Department of Psychology

Research in cognitive neuroscience is devoted to understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying cognitive processes and skills using multiple levels of analysis and a battery of research methods and techniques. Thus, we are investigating a range of topics in cognitive neuroscience, including speech comprehension; language; object recognition; memory; cognition in the ageing brain; the cognitive skills fundamental to education, including the development of numeracy and reading; agency; decision making and adaptive behaviour; the construction of values used to guide decision making, reinforcement learning and fronto-executive control.

Techniques employed include magnetic neuroimaging at 3T and 7T, PET, EEG, MEG, TMS, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology and analysis of genetic polymorphisms. We are studying healthy volunteers across the lifespan as well as specific patient groups.

Assistant Professor
Deputy Head (Undergraduate Education)
Research Associate
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Deputy Head of the School of Biological Sciences
Fellow, Emmanuel College
MPhil Student