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Department of Psychology

Prof Nicky Clayton, Prof Clive Wilkins, Elias Garcia and Dr Alex Schnell, members of the Department of Psychology, suggested in an article published in the latest issue of "Science", an innovative approach for psychologists to study biological basis to blindspots in seeing and roadblocks in thinking - not only in humans but also animals. 


The latest edition of the Journal Science is available for University of Cambridge staff and students with valid raven access. Read the full article and find out more about this ingenious suggested approach. 

Visit the the Podcast "Performing magic for animals, and why the pandemic is pushing people out of prisons".


Garcia-Pelegrin, E., Schnell, A. K., Wilkins, C. & Clayton, N. S. (2020). An unexpected audience: Experiments with magic effects might be informative about cognition in animals, Science 369 (6510), 1424-1426

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