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9 February 2022


The much awaited BabyPaL monkey-LEAP Project welcomed their first two inquisitive Little Scientists yesterday and they set the project off with a bang!

BabyPaL are exploring rule learning in 5.5 - 8 month-old Little Scientists and want to see whether at this age they can learn to associate a cue with an outcome, but also whether they can adapt their learning once the rule has changed! - Tricky!

They're using brand new LUMO caps that allow us to measure blood flow to different regions of the brain and eye-tracking so they can measure pupil size and looking behaviour throughout the tasks!

Want to find out more, or participate with your Little Scientist? Please get in touch with Levi, BabyPaL's Research Assistant ( Alternatively, register your interest in our database:

We hope to see you in the Cambridge Babylab soon!

- The BabyPaL Team