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For much more information about funding, internal deadlines and lots of useful resources.

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Apply for funding - Form

This form requests the minimum information needed in order to apply for funding, and it is an online version of the original 'X5 Form'. Please provide as much detail as you can.

The next steps will be:

1/ Based on the information provided, we will generate costing, using the University costing tool, called X5.

2/ The costing, together with your application has to get an approval from the Research Operation Office (the ROO).

To do this, need to receive it in time.     

3/ The Research Operation Office deadline:

Application Deadline Changes

We are aiming to submit 7 working days before the funder's deadline. This is the best option as if we submit the X5 and the relevant parts of the application, you can still work on the remaining part until 24 hours before the deadline.

Second option is submitting both the X5 and the completed application 5 working days before the funder's deadline. 

However, time is needed to prepare the actual costing that can be submitted to the ROO.

Therefore, please inform us as soon as you decide to apply so we can start working on the application together.

With any questions please contact:  



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