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Department of Psychology



You will not find all opportunities in this section (very unfortunately), but when we see anything new, we will aim to update it here straight away. This means, that each time you open this page, it should be as up-to-date as possible. For much more information about funding, internal deadlines, our quarterly GRANT bulletin, and lots of useful resources, check out The Research Grant Intranet!


Are you struggling to find a funding opportunity to fit your research? 

How we can help further: We run funding searches every month using certain keywords and criteria. If you let us know what funding you are after, we can help you by adding relevant keywords to our searches and adding such opportunities to our list.

How you can help: Please share any calls that you feel should be included here, anything you may have received, and any relevant information related to our departmental research. You might not be interested but someone else might be!


Research Professional is an online database of research funding opportunities and is a source of international research policy and practice news. The University of Cambridge has an institutional account which means that all University members can access the database and tools free of charge!



Whatever stage you are at in your research career, having knowledge of how to use research professional in your toolkit will be a massive advantage

The service allows you to CARS

  • Create customised searches to find research funding opportunities; UK and international, search by discipline and award type

  • Access useful articles on developing winning research grant proposals in the Funding Know-How section

  • Read news, analysis, and comments on UK, EU, and international research policy and practice

  • Set up email alerts for research funding opportunities and/or research news

More information about the service can be found on the University Research Information webpage – including links to extensive help sections for new users. Research Professional also has a dedicated YouTube channel with helpful tutorials (even if they are a little old now!)




Are you considering applying for a grant? Tell us!

The Research Office REQUIRE 4 FULL weeks' notice of any new Grant application.

They also REQUIRE the FULL application 5 days before the funder deadline.

To let us know you would like to apply, you MUST fill in the ‘INTENTION TO APPLY’ form which can be accessed via The Research Grant Intranet

If you are new to the University and don't have access just yet, you can contact us directly with any queries. Get in touch by emailing the team at grants @ or if you would rather chat in person come and say hi! You can find us in the Psychology main building, first floor, room 110.


We will inform the Research Operations office.

  • Based on the information provided, we will generate costing, using the University costing tool, called X5.

  • The costing, together with your application has to get approval from the Research Operation Office (the ROO)

  • The Research Operation Office usually 7 working days deadline can be calculated here: Deadlines App.