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Department of Psychology

Recent research from the Comparative Cognition Lab in Cambridge on the self-control abilities of cuttlefish results show that cuttlefish can resist temptation, and the longer they resist the more intelligent they. The work was led by Cambridge researcher Dr Alexandra Schnell, together with Dr Markus Boeckle and Professor Nicola Clayton FRS; and US collaborators Mica Rivera and Professor Roger Hanlon. This research has made it across the globe, featuring in a range of respected media outlets including The TimesThe GuardianThe ConversationHakai MagazineThe Scientist and Forbes and on TV programs such as 'Have you Been Paying Attention' in New Zealand and broadcasted on National Public Radio in Chicago. Follow the link to listen to Dr Alex Schnell chat with Lulu Garcia-Navarro about cuttlefish and the marine marshmallow design




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