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Supervising Undergraduate Research Projects

Postgraduate students may be asked to assist with day-to-day supervising of final-year undergraduate research projects, overseen by a University Teaching Officer principal supervisor who is responsible for the project.  Each project may involve a single undergraduate student, or there may be multiple undergraduates working together on the same project.  Projects typically take place throughout Michaelmas and Lent terms.

The Senior Tutors Committee agreed in 2018 that supervisors can claim for 1 hour's supervision per week (i.e. up to 8 hours per term) in Michaelmas and Lent for supervision of Part II projects across the SBS. For BBS dissertations a maximum of 4 hours can be claimed. Anyone who is delivering supervision can claim, including UTOs, but a detailed report on student progress should be submitted via CamCORS.

To claim, project supervisors need an account on the CamCORS supervision reporting system. This is the same system as is used for providing termly reports on undergraduate supervisions, except in this instance the paper selected should be “Research Dissertation” for PBS students or “Submission of a report of a research project” for NST students.

If you do not already have a CamCORS account, one can be obtained by asking a UTO or Director of Studies to email requesting that your CRSid is registered on the system.

Some colleges may be reluctant to endorse 8 hours of supervision per term for undergraduate projects, but can be referred to the Part II Psychology section of the Supervision Norms document on the Senior Tutors Committee website.