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Department of Psychology

Researcher in neuroinformatics on the BRIGHT Project. PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham. Expertise in machine learning, data analysis, fNIRS, and EEG.


Key publications: 

Benchmarking framework for machine learning classification from fNIRS data

Johann Benerradi, Jeremie Clos, Aleksandra Landowska, Michel F Valstar and Max L Wilson
Frontiers in Neuroergonomics, 2023 (urlpaperpostercode)

Understanding the ethical concerns for neurotechnology in the future of work

Wendy Martinez, Johann Benerradi, Serena Midha, Horia A Maior and Max L Wilson
CHIWORK, 2022 (urlpaper)

Rank-1 CNN for mental workload classification from EEG

Sara Sedlar, Johann Benerradi, Côme Le Breton, Rachid Deriche, Théodore Papadopoulo and Max L Wilson
NEC, 2021 (urlabstractposter)

Exploring machine learning approaches for classifying mental workload using fNIRS data from HCI tasks

Johann Benerradi, Horia A Maior, Adrian Marinescu, Jeremie Clos and Max L Wilson
Halfway to the Future, 2019 (urlpaperpostercode)

Research Associate

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Machine learning
Not available for consultancy