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Comparative Cognition Lab

Comparative Cognition in Animals

Cognitive Development

Prof N S Clayton FRS (Head)

Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Psychology
Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological) for Clare College
Scientist in Residence at Rambert Dance Company

Tel: 01223 333559
Fax: 01223 333564



Corvids (2)


Current Topics in Animal Cognition include:

  • Mental time travel (episodic-like memory and future planning) by food-caching Western Scrub-Jays.
  • Social and physical cognition in corvids (members of the crow family, which includes jackdaws, rooks and jays), from studies of alliance formation and post-conflict behaviours in rooks, and food-sharing in jackdaws, to tests of what jays and rooks understand about tools and other tests of folk physics.

Current Topics in Development include:

  • Development of social cognition, future planning and causal reasoning in young children.


Current collaborators include:

Within the Department of Psychology, Cambridge

Mr Clive Wilkins, Artist in Residence

Dr Jon Simons


Other collaborators

Mr Mark Baldwin, Artistic Director, Rambert Dance Company

Professor Cristina Atance, University of Ottawa

Dr Nathan Emery, Queen Mary, University of London

Professor Alison Gopnik, University of California at Berkeley

Professor Russell Gray, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena

Professor Andrew Meltzoff, University of Washington

Dr Alex Taylor, University of Aukland

Professor Ian Apperley, University of Birmingham

Dr Robert Lurz, Brooklyn College, CUNY




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Do you know what happens when a behavioural scientist interested in how humans and animals think gets together with an artist whose prime interest is in the nature of imagination and consciousness? Are you interested?

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