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Department of Psychology


Lucy Markson


Phone: +44 (0)1223 767369

Research interests

Lucy's PhD research studied individual differences and risk and resilience processes in children of imprisoned fathers. She investigated the moderating and mediating interactive influences of individual, family and contextual domains on developmental outcomes of children who experienced the imprisonment of their father. This included studying the additive effects of paternal imprisonment with other contextual risks to understand whether children’s responses to paternal imprisonment varied by cumulative risk exposure, in addition to whether dose-response risk relations were non-linear and subject to threshold effects, as well as stability of developmental outcomes over time. Professor Friedrich Lösel was Lucy’s second supervisor.


PhD Psychology, University of Cambridge

MSc Forensic Psychology, University of Leicester (Pass with Distinction)

BSc Psychology, University of Leicester (First Class)


Economic and Social Research Council PhD studentship

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Forensic Psychologist (March 2015)


Markson, L., Lamb, M. E., & Lösel, F. (2015). The impact of contextual family risks on prisoners' children's behavioural outcomes and the potential protective role of family functioning moderators. European Journal of Developmental Psychology. doi/full/10.1080/17405629.2015.1050374.

Markson, L., Lösel, F., Souza, K. A., & Lanskey, C. (2015). Male prisoners’ family relationships and resilience in resettlement. Criminology & Criminal Justice. doi: 10.1177/1748895814566287

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Souza, K. A., Lösel, F., Markson, L., & Lanskey, C. (2013). Pre-release expectations and post-release experiences of prisoners and their (ex-)partners. Legal and Criminological Psychology. doi:10.1111/lcrp.12033

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Conference presentations

Markson, L. (2014). Risk and resilience processes in prisoners and their children. European Association of Developmental Psychology and Jacobs Foundation summer school. Risk and resilience: multilevel dynamics, Syros, Greece.

Markson, L., Lösel, F., Souza, K. A., & Lanskey, C. (2013).  Prisoners’ family relationships and resilient adaptation in pathways to reoffending. Paper presented at the European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Lausanne, Switzerland.     

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