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Department of Psychology





Clare Hall College, Cambridge.

Research Interests:
Evianne Laetitia van Gijn's doctoral research focused on sex offenders who operate online, and their process of 'grooming' or preparing children for sexual activity. Her doctoral research aimed to contribute to our understanding of the modus operandi of internet child sexual abusers. She examined online conversations of convicted offenders who engaged in online sexual grooming of children in the US and in the UK. She has been fully vetted by police departments to access confidential files at respective serious crime units.


2010-2014: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 
Ph.D., Department of Psychology
Title: ‘The Grooming Process of Internet Sexual Predators’.

2009-2010: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology
Title: ‘Characteristics of Perpetrators as Portrayed by Alleged Victims of Child Sexual Abuse’.

2006-2009: University College Roosevelt, The Netherlands
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, Law and Journalism

2008: University of Florida, United States of America
Exchange Programme: Journalism & Public Speaking

2008: University of Barcelona, Spain
Intensive Intermediate Summer course Spanish

2012: Supervisor of undergraduate students in Developmental Psychology, Cambridge.
2011-2012: Co-responsible for organising the Human Social and Political Science (HSPS) graduate seminars, Cambridge.
2008-2009: Internship at the Emergis Mental Health Institution, Middelburg, the Netherlands.

Honours & Awards:

2013: Best paper award (2nd place) European Association for Psychology and Law Conference (EAPL) 'Sex Offenders' Grooming of Children on the Internet' 
2012: Honourable mention on the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) website
2012: The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust
2012: Clare Hall President’s Special Award, Cambridge
2012: Charlie Bayne Travel Trust
2011: Clare Hall Seung Jun Lee Bursary
2010: Clare Hall Pippard Bursary
2010: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Elisabeth Kinderfonds) award



van Gijn-Grosvenor, E.L., & Lamb, M.E. (2016). Behavioural Differences Between Online Sexual Groomers Approaching Boys and Girls. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 25(5), 577-96. doi: 10.1080/10538712.2016.1189473 

van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2013). Alleged Sex Abuse Victims’ Accounts of Their Abusers' Modus Operandi. Journal of Forensic Social Work, 3(2), 133–149. doi:10.1080/1936928X.2013.837420



van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2013). Sex Offenders’ Grooming of Children on the Internet. Oral presentation to be delivered at The European Association of Psychology and Law, Coventry, UK.

van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2012, July). In Rainer Banse (Chair). Police officers’ experiences with   alleged child sex offenders’ modus operandi. Oral paper delivered at Research in forensic psychiatry conference, Regensburg, Germany.

van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2012, January). How do sex offenders manipulate children? An examination on the modus operandi’. Colloquium delivered at the Clare hall arts, social sciences, and humanities talk series, Cambridge, UK.

van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2011, June). In Gavin Oxburgh (Chair). The modus operandi of sexual offenders, as described by police officers. Oral paper delivered at the International investigative interviewing research group conference, Dundee, Scotland

van Gijn, E. L., & Lamb, M. E. (2011, June). In Trond Myklebust (Chair). Characteristics of perpetrators as portrayed by alleged victims of child sexual abuse.. Oral paper delivered at the International investigative interviewing research group conference, Stavern, Norway