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Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Director, Autism Research Centre (ARC)

Professor of Developmental Psychopathology

Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 (3)39921 (Trinity College)


  • Asperger Syndrome
  • sex differences and empathy
  • social Neuroscience
  • psychiatry
  • neuroendocrine
  • autism

Key Publications

Baron-Cohen S, Lombardo MV, Auyeung B, Ashwin E, Chakrabarti B, Knickmeyer R (2011). Why are autism spectrum conditions more prevalent in males? PLoS Biol 9(6):e1001081.

Chakrabarti B, Kent L, Suckling J, Bullmore E, Baron-Cohen S (2006). Variations in the human cannabinoid receptor (CNR1) gene modulate striatal response to happy faces. European Journal of Neuroscience 23:1944-1948.

Baron-Cohen S, Knickmeyer RC, Belmonte MK (2005). Sex differences in the brain: implications for explaining autism. Science 310(5749):819-23.

Welchew D, Ashwin C, Berkouk K, Salvador R, Suckling J, Baron-Cohen S, Bullmore E (2005). Functional dysconnectivity of the medial temporal lobe in autism. Biological Psychiatry 57:991-998.

Professor Baron-Cohen is interested in taking PhD students. Potential applicants should apply via the Department of Psychiatry.