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Department of Psychology


Key publications: 

H. J. A. Dartnall, J. K. Bowmaker and J. D. Mollon (1983) Human visual pigments: microspectrophotometric results from the eyes of seven persons. Proc. Roy. Soc. B 220, 115-130

J. D. Mollon, J. K. Bowmaker and G. H. Jacobs (1984) Variations of colour vision in a New World primate can be explained by polymorphism of retinal photopigments. Proc. Roy. Soc. B.222, 373-399

J. D. Mollon (1989) "Tho' she kneel'd in that Place where they Grew". J. exp. Biol. 146, 21-38

D. M. Hunt, K. Dulai, J. K. Bowmaker and J. D. Mollon (1995) The chemistry of John Dalton's color blindness. Science 267, 984-988

F. Viénot, H. Brettel, L. Ott, A. B. M'Barek and J. D. Mollon (1995) What do colour-blind people see? Nature 376, 127-128

J. D. Mollon and M. V. Danilova (1996) Three remarks on perceptual learning. Spatial Vision 10, 51-58.

Regan, B. C., Julliot, C., Simmen, B., Viénot, F., Charles-Dominique, P. and Mollon, J. D. (2001) Fruits, foliage and the evolution of primate colour vision. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 356, 229-283

Smithson, H. E. and Mollon, J. D. (2006) Do masks terminate the icon? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 59, 150-160

Mollon, J. D. (2006) Monge Visual Neuroscience 23, 297-309

To, M., Regan, B. C., Wood, D. and Mollon, J. D. (2011) Vision out of the corner of the eye. Vision Research 51, 203-214

Danilova, M. V. and Mollon, J. D. (2012) Foveal color perception: Minimal thresholds at a boundary between perceptual categories. Vision Research 62, 162-172

Goodbourn, P. T., Bosten, J. M., Hogg, R. E., Bargary, G., Lawrance-Owen, A. and Mollon, J. D. (2012) Do different 'magnocellular tasks' probe the same neural substrate? Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279, 4263-4271

A full list of Professor Mollon's publications, and pdf copies, can be found at:

Professor of Visual Neuroscience
College Lecturer and Assistant Director of Studies in Psychology, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

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+44 (0)1223 (3)33581 (Department) / +44 (0)1223 (3)39691 (Gonville and Caius College)
Person keywords: 
cognitive genetics
neural circuit
primate evolution
history of optics
visual perception
Not available for consultancy