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Department of Psychology


Key publications: 

Álvarez, C., & Szücs, D. (2022). The relation of school achievement with self-esteem and bullying in Chilean children. Current Psychology.

Foley, S., Álvarez, C., McCarthy, J., & Hughes, C. (2020). Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd? Maternal and Paternal Talk About Their Infant Differs in Associations With Wellbeing, Couple Relationship Quality, and Caregiving Sensitivity. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11:578632.

Ramos, R., Yávar, V., Del Río, A., Schettino, J., Bresciani, V., Gómez, D., Álvarez, C., & Farkas, Ch. (2020). Mode of Delivery and Maternal Sensitivity: Effects on the Socioemotional Development of Children at One Year of Age. Acta Colombiana de Psicología, 23(2), 254-266.

Farkas, C., Álvarez, C., Cuellar, M. P., Avello, E., Gómez, D. & Pereira, P. (2020). Mothers’ competence profiles and their relation to language and socioemotional development in Chilean children at 12 and 30 months. Infant Behavior and Development, 59, 101443.

Farkas, C., Santelices, M. P., Vallotton, C. D., Brophy-Herb, H. E., Iglesias, M., Sieverson, Cuellar, M. P. & Álvarez, C. (2020). Children’s storybooks as a source of mental state references: Comparison between books from Chile, Colombia, Scotland and USA. Cognitive Development, 53, 100845.

Álvarez, C., Cristi, P., Del Real, M.T. & Farkas, C. (2019). Mentalization in Chilean Mothers with Children Aged 12 and 30 Months: Relation to Child Sex and Temperament and Family Socioeconomic Status. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Farkas, C., del Real, M. T., Strasser, K., Álvarez, C., Santelices, M. P. & Sieverson, C. (2018). Maternal mental state language during storytelling versus free-play contexts and its relation to child language and socioemotional outcomes at 12 and 30 months of age. Cognitive Development, 47, 181-197.

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