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Department of Psychology

I am a PhD student in the Comparative Cognition Lab, supervised by Professor Nicky Clayton and funded by the Joyce Biddle Scholarship and the Girton Graduate Scholarship. I am broadly interested in the evolution of the mind and consciousness, both in humans and non-human animals. My current research focuses on mental time travel and episodic(-like) memory in diverse taxa including corvids, parids, and dolphins, in both captivity and the wild.


Key publications: 


Davies, J. R., Garcia-Pelegrin, E., Baciadonna, L., Pilenga, C., Favaro, L., & Clayton, N. S. (2022). Episodic-like memory in common bottlenose dolphins. Current Biology, 32(15), 3436-3442.


Chow, P. K. Y., Davies, J. R., Bapat, A., & von Bayern, A. M. (2021). Tracking Changes of Hidden Food: Spatial Pattern Learning in Two Macaw Species. Birds, 2(3), 285-301.

PhD Student
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