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Department of Psychology

Currently, I am an MPhil researcher in the Comparative Cognition Lab, currently researching the complex cognitive abilities underpinning dynamic skin-patterning in cephalopods under the supervision of Professor Nicky Clayton. In conjunction with this research, I am also interested in other forms of non-human cognition, including Artificial Intelligence, and how furthering our understanding of non-human brains may inform future developments in this field.

Additionally, having explored the neural mechanisms of chronic pain in humans as part of  Consciousness and Cognition Lab in Cambridge during my undergraduate degree, I maintain a keen interest in the use of neurophysiological techniques to study various aspects of cognition and their relation to clinical outcomes – areas I continue to engage with outside of my MPhil studies. This research involved the use of mobile EEG systems and novel neurophenomenological methods and resulted in the successful completion of my final year research project and associated dissertation. 

MPhil in Biological Science (Psychology)
Not available for consultancy