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Department of Psychology


Josef was born in Munich, where he also completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Technische Universität München) in 2011. He visited Seikei University in Tokyo for his final thesis “Subjective and physical evaluation of loudness”, for which he received the DIN Young Scientist Award from the German Institute for Standardization.

Afterwards, he received a Ph.D. in Psychology from Technische Universität Darmstadt in 2015. While his thesis “Effects of auditory perception on loudness and reaction time” covered basic aspects of hearing, he was also responsible for several sound quality and applied research projects. Apart from that he has frequently returned to Seikei University for research visits.

He joined the Auditory Perception Group at the University of Cambridge in October 2015, where he is involved in a joint project with the engineering group of Richard Turner, "Machine Learning for Hearing Aids: Intelligent Processing and Fitting". His research is supported by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC). The project has led to hearing tests that use Bayesian active learning in order to be much faster than conventional methods, while being even more accurate. In clinical practice, these tests allow an audiologist to get a more detailed picture of an individual hearing.

He has contributed to the development of the Cambridge loudness model, which is being standardized as ISO 523-3. He has also consulted industrial projects that apply cutting-edge research, for example Uber Elevate (presentation at the Elevate Summit 2018 on Youtube).