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Professor Tim Bussey

Professor Tim Bussey

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Director of Studies in Natural Sciences, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Tim Bussey is interested in taking PhD students.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 3 33585 (Department) / +44 (0)1223 7 66413 (Pembroke)


Tim Bussey is Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, and Fellow and Director of Studies at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He has two first degrees, in Psychology and Chemistry, and received a PhD from the University of Cambridge where he worked with Prof Trevor Robbins. He did his post-doctoral work in Cardiff and at the NIMH in Bethesda, MD.

Research Interests

Professor Bussey’s work has involved several different converging methods of enquiry. His experimental work and theoretical ideas have been published and discussed in journals such as Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Current Opinion in Biology, Science, PNAS and Annual Reviews in Neuroscience. Dr Bussey’s achievements include the development of a computer-automated cognitive testing method. Professor Bussey’s theoretical work has challenged prevailing views regarding the organisation of brain function, and has recently been substantiated by a number of studies carried out in his own and several independent laboratories. In another stream of research he has elucidated the neural mechanisms underpinning object recognition memory and related cognitive functions. He is currently using the methods developed in these studies to investigate psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, and is testing potential therapeutic agents.


  • perirhinal cortex
  • touchscreens
  • visual perception
  • temporal lobes
  • neural circuit
  • memory
  • pattern separation

Key Publications

Creer D.J., Romberg C., Saksida L.M., van Praag H., Bussey T.J. (2010). Running enhances spatial pattern separation in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A107(5): 2367-72.

Clelland C.D., Choi M., Romberg C., Clemenson G.D. Jr, Fragniere A., Tyers P., Jessberger S., Saksida L.M., Barker R.A., Gage F.H., Bussey T.J. (2009). A functional role for adult hippocampal neurogenesis in spatial pattern separation. Science 325(5937): 210-3.

Bartko S.J., Winters B.D., Cowell R., Saksida L.M., Bussey T.J. (2007).  Perceptual impairments following perirhinal cortex lesions in rats: zero-delay object recognition and simultaneous oddity discriminations. Journal of Neuroscience 27(10): 2548-2559.

Winters B.D., Saksida L.M., Bussey T.J. (2006). Paradoxical facilitation of object recognition memory following infusion of scopolamine into perirhinal cortex: implications for cholinergic system function. Journal of Neuroscience 26: 9520-9529.