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Academic visitors

A small number of academic visitors are welcomed in the Department each year.  In order to cultivate interaction, we are particularly interested in hosting visitors whose research interests overlap with those of our own staff.  If you are interested in joining the Department as an academic visitor you should first gain the support of a current member of academic staff and discuss this informally before making an application.


As an academic visitor, you will be able to attend any lectures and seminars in the University, use appropriate facilities in the Department and join in the life of the Department.


There is a charge for this of £60 (plus VAT) per month (2015/16 rate) to cover the provision of facilities. It is possible, in special circumstances and depending on the nature of your work in the Department, to apply for a reduction of this fee; additionally any prospective visitor who wishes to plead special hardship should discuss this with their Departmental Sponsor.


The offer of academic visitor status does not include supervision of your work whilst in the Department but you are welcome to discuss your work informally.


If you would like to apply for academic visitor status you should first discuss this with an academic member of the Department who would be willing to sponsor your application. Then you should complete and submit the visitor application form and your curriculum vitae. Your form will be mailed to Kayleigh Paske (email ). If you are visiting under an arrangement with your employer or home institution, please also attach a letter of reference. 

The Home Office has introduced new rules on the treatment of academic visitors and, if you are coming from abroad, you must check whether you need a permit with the British Embassy in your home country.


The Faculty is unable to help with accommodation but the University's Accommodation Service may be able to help you.