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The Well-being Institute (WBI) looks beyond happiness or the bare essentials of well-being, taking a comprehensive approach to the study of human flourishing, encompassing multiple levels of analysis, including the individual, the family, organisations, community and society. Our approach incorporates dynamic concepts, such as creativity, and effective public policy, which support and sustain flourishing across these levels.


Current projects

The impact of the economic crisis on mental health



Population well-being is closely tied to economic stability. We consider the impact of the recent economic crisis on European mental health, focusing particularly on inequalities between those highest and lowest in well-being. Through this, we hope to provide insights on the impact of existing policies on well-being during times of economic instability and identify future areas of potential impact relevant to policymakers. This work is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council . The full report on this project has been released and is now available here.




Past projects

This information will be available in the near future.