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Department of Psychology

An image of new graduates with accompanying text: the department gives a warm welcome to all new graduates

The Department admits graduates to study for research degrees: the PhD and MPhil in Biological Science (Psychology).

There is a strong and lively graduate community in the Department, with dedicated study areas, online forums, and support available from academic and administrative staff. Over 100 students study at any one time and regular programmes of graduate and staff seminars are held both within the Faculty and in related faculties throughout the academic year.

The academic staff of the Department of Psychology are, both collectively and individually, world-class leaders in the field. Students are encouraged to work on projects and follow topics that are at the cutting edge of new research and policy initiatives.

The links below will take you to the information pages for current graduates and prospective graduates.








The answers to most of your questions should be found on these pages. If you have any additional questions please contact the Graduate Office: