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Department of Psychology

Noa Cohen graduated from the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon with majors in biological anthropology and general science and minors in biology (neuroscience emphasis), chemistry, global health, and music. During her undergraduate career, she researched the effect of electrical and auditory theta stimulation on cognition and smoking cessation with Professor Michael Posner. She also studied Japanese macaque male bonding at the Oregon National Primate Research Institute and cognitive behavioral therapies to help adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the HEDCO clinic. 

She is currently securing her MPhil with the BRIGHT (Brain Imaging for Global HealTh) project, a lontiduinal study of 200 Gambian infants and 60 UK infants to establish brain function-for-age curves to gain insight into effects of malnutrition, infection, and socioeconomic status on infant development. Her research explores the biological, environmental, and psychosocial risk factors of cognitive development in Gambian infants. Her research interests include cognitive neurodevelopment, psychopathology, and global mental health. Her professional aspiration is to work as a practicing clinician and conduct research in the field of child psychiatry. 



MPhil in Biological Science (Psychology)
Not available for consultancy