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Evidence-based policy training

With the generous support of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, the PRG runs regular training courses on evidence-based policy. These courses are targeted at early-career researchers as well as practitioners, policymakers, and professionals. The course is heavily practice-based and interactive, emphasising critical topics such as extraction of headline findings, understanding and identifying policy levers, impact writing, visualisation, and message delivery.

For those already in Cambridge, we offer these as a one-day course for PhD students in psychology and related disciplines. Externally, these are typically delivered over 3-4 days with a significant amount of practical activity for immediate application.

Course format

The typical setup of the course is seven modules as below. For one-day courses, these are mostly taught sessions with only short activities and a final simulation. For full courses, modules 2-6 have an accompanying practical component.

Module 1: An example of evidence-based policy on a major global challenge

Module 2: What is policy?

Module 3: The evidence-based policy process

Module 4: Assessing evidence for impact

Module 5: Visualisation

Module 6: Writing for impact

The seventh module, which is the course conclusion, is a roundtable simulation for presenting insights and recommendations for debate. This is to demonstrate for all participants a realistic scenario for how evidence is delivered to stakeholders in practice.

More information on future training sessions will be available here when scheduled. All participants receive a certificate from the PRG signed by the Director and other demonstrators.