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Professor Usha Goswami FBA

Professor Usha Goswami, FBA

Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience

Director, Centre for Neuroscience in Education

Fellow, St John's College, Cambridge

Usha Goswami is accepting applications for PhD students.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 (7)67635


  • development
  • cognitive development
  • cognitive
  • reasoning by analogy
  • psychology
  • neuroscience in education
  • reading development
  • spelling development
  • EEG
  • dyslexia

Key Publications

Huss M, Verney JP, Fosker T, Mead N & Goswami U (2011). Music, rhythm, rise time perception and developmental dyslexia: Perception of musical meter predicts reading and phonology. Cortex, 47, 674-89.

Beddington J, Cooper CL, Field J, Goswami U, Huppert FA, Jenkins R, Jones HS, Kirkwood TBL, Sahakian BJ & Thomas SM (2008). The mental wealth of nations. Nature 455: 1057-1060.

Goswami U (2006). Neuroscience and education: from research to practice? Nat Rev Neurosci 7(5):406-11.

Ziegler J & Goswami U (2005). Reading acquisition, developmental dyslexia, and skilled reading across languages: a psycholinguistic grain size theory, Psychological Bulletin, 131(1), 3-29.