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Department of Psychology


Karson Kung's educational background is in Psychology. He received his BSc from University College London (UCL) and PhD from the University of Cambridge. He is currently an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and a member of the Gender Development Research Centre.


  •  Organising effects of early androgen exposure on gender-related developmental concerns
  •  Causes, correlates, and consequences of childhood gender typicality
  •  Well-being of sexual and gender minorities
  •  Gender similarities and differences


Key publications: 

Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals 

Hines, M., Spencer, D., Kung, K. T. F., Browne, W. V., Constantinescu, M., and Noorderhaven, R. M. (2016). The Early Postnatal Period, Mini-Puberty, Provides a Window on the Role of Testosterone in Human Neurobehavioural Development. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 38, 69-73.

Kung, K. T. F., Browne, W. V., Constantinescu, M., Noorderhaven, R. M., and Hines, M. (2016). Early Postnatal Testosterone Predicts Sex-Related Differences in Early Expressive Vocabulary. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 68, 111-116. 

Kung, K. T. F., Constantinescu, M., Browne W. V., Noorderhaven, R. M., and Hines, M. (2016). No Relationship Between Early Postnatal Testosterone and Autistic Traits in 18 to 30-Month-Old Children. Molecular Autism, 7:15. 

Kung, K. T. F., Spencer, D., Pasterski, V., Neufeld, S., Glover, V., O'Connor, T. G., Hindmarsh, P. C., Hughes, I. A., Acerini, C. L., and Hines, M. (2016). No Relationship Between Prenatal Androgen Exposure and Autistic Traits: Convergent Evidence From Studies of Children With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and of Amniotic Testosterone Concentrations in Typically-Developing Children. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 57, 1455-1462.

Li, G., Kung, K. T. F., and Hines, M. (2017). Childhood Gender-Typed Behavior and Adolescent Sexual Orientation: A Longitudinal Population-Based Study. Developmental Psychology, 53, 764-777. 

Kung, K. T. F., Li, G., Golding, J., and Hines, M. (2018). Preschool Gender-Typed Play Behavior at Age 3.5 Years Predicts Physical Aggression at Age 13 Years. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47, 905-914. 

Kung, K. T. F., Spencer, D., Pasterski, V., Neufeld, S., Hindmarsh, P. C., Hughes, I. A., Acerini, C. L., and Hines, M. (2018). Emotional and Behavioral Adjustment in 4 to 11-Year-Old Boys and Girls with Classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Unaffected Siblings. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 97, 104-110. 

Affiliated Lecturer
Research Associate

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Gender Development Research Centre
Free School Lane
University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB2 3RQ
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