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Rui Sun

Rui Sun

PhD Candidate

Department of Psychology, Dowing Site


       I received my bachelor of psychology from Peking University, China and my MRes of Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London, UK. I am currently a PhD Candidate in Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge.

       Before moving to Cambridge, I worked on emotion, self and prosocial behaviour using ERPs with Prof. Shihui Han at Peking University and self / social- prediction in people with autism with Dr.Sarah White at University College London. 

Research Interests

       Broadly speaking, I have three lines of research interests:
       My first research interest is how social network, both online (such as Facebook and Twitter) and in real life, influences human social behaviors. I am interested in predicting various  behaviors such as wellbeing, decision making, health and prosociality through online traits.
       The second line of my research is about social status and various social cognition and social behaviors (such as theory of mind, coping, wellbeing, synchronising, etc), and how this relationship is moderated by prosociality such as trait empathy or donation.
       The third line of my research lie in how oxytocin influences perceptions and social behaviors, and what the mechanism is. Specifically, I am interested in how personality, attachment and cognitive style moderate the effect. Oxytocin’s effect on cultural dimension also interests me.
       I am using questionnaire, live experiments, online experiments, physiological and machine learning methods to explore the questions.  I am specifically interested in "Big Data Psychology".


  • Prosociality, Cooperation and Altruism
  • genetics
  • psychology
  • behaviour
  • statistics
  • social Neuroscience
  • social psychology
  • Decision Making
  • social cognition