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Department of Psychology


I completed my Master's degree in Social & Developmental Psychology at Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge in 2017. Prior to coming to Cambridge, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of St Andrews.


I am currently a second-year PhD student supervised by Professor Nicky Clayton FRS. I am broadly interested in children's cognitive development in the preschool years, especially their ability to think and plan for the future (episodic future thinking). My PhD project will investigate children's future thinking skills and its relationship with other critical cognitive factors, in both the United Kingdom and China.


Rachael Miller, Anna Frohnwieser, Ning Ding (presenter), Camille Troisi, Alex Taylor, Martina Schiest, Romana Gruber, Russell Gray, Sarah Jelbert, Markus Boeckle, Nicky Clayton (2018, September). Children can Plan for the Future in a Novel Tool Functionality Paradigm. Empirical talk presentation at the Developmental Section Annual Conference 2018 British Psychological Society (BPS).

PhD student
Not available for consultancy