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Dr Mike Aitken

Dr Mike Aitken

Director of Undergraduate Psychology

Institute of Psychiatry

Psychology and Neuroscience

King's College London


  • categorisation
  • associative theory
  • statistics
  • judgments
  • decision-making
  • impulsivity
  • causal inference
  • fMRI analysis
  • neuropsychological testing
  • learning
  • gambling

Key Publications

Corlett PR, Murray GK, Honey GD, Aitken MR, Shanks DR, Robbins TW, Bullmore ET, Dickinson A, Fletcher PC (2007). “Disrupted prediction-error signal in psychosis: evidence for an associative account of delusions.” Brain 130(Pt 9):2387-400 Details

Corlett PR, Honey GD, Aitken MR, Dickinson A, Shanks DR, Absalom AR, Lee M, Pomarol-Clotet E, Murray GK, McKenna PJ, Robbins TW, Bullmore ET,  Fletcher PC (2006). “Frontal responses during learning predict vulnerability to the psychotogenic effects of ketamine- linking cognition brain activity and psychosis” Arch Gen Psychiatry 63(6):611-21 Details

Aitken MR,  Dickinson A (2005). “Simulations of a modified SOP model applied to retrospective revaluation of human causal learning” Learning and Behavior 33:147-159 Details

Corlett PR, Aitken MR, DickinsonA, Shanks DR, Honey G, Honey R, Robbins TW, Bullmore ET,  Fletcher PC (2004). “Prediction Error during Retrospective Revaluation of Causal Associations in Humans - fMRI Evidence in Favor of an Associative Model of Learning” Neuron 44:1-20