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Dr Greg Davis

Dr Greg Davis

University Senior Lecturer

Fellow, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

Greg Davis is accepting applications for PhD students.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 (7)65231


  • visual cognition
  • consciousness
  • attention
  • schizophrenia
  • perception in autism and schizophrenia
  • autism
  • vision

Key Publications

Zhou, FA, Davis GJ (2012), Unconscious priming of task sets: The role of spatial attention.  Attention Perception & Psychophysics 74:105-114.

Teufel C, Fletcher PC, Davis G (2010), Seeing other minds: attributed mental states influence perception. Trends Cogn Sci 14(8):376-82.

Teufel C, Alexis DM, Todd H, Lawrance-Owen AJ, Clayton NS, Davis G (2009), Social cognition modulates the sensory coding of observed gaze direction. Curr Biol 19(15):1274-7.

Csathó A, Tey F, Davis G (2008), Threat perception and targeting: the brainstem-amygdala-cortex alarm system in action? Cogn Neuropsychol 25(7-8):1039-64 .

Falter CM, Plaisted KC, Davis G (2008), Visuo-spatial processing in autism--testing the predictions of extreme male brain theory. J Autism Dev Disord 38(3):507-15.