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Dr Dénes Szücs

Dr Dénes  Szücs

Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

Fellow, Darwin College, Cambridge

Deputy Director, Centre for Neuroscience in Education

Dénes Szücs is accepting applications for PhD students.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 (7)67636

Research Interests

Numerical Cognition

Developmental Dyscalculia

Consciousness: The Attentional Blink

The developmental of cognitive control


  • cognitive neuroscience
  • conflict detection/resolution
  • developmental dyslexia
  • child development
  • numerical cognition
  • developmental dyscalculia

Key Publications

Pincham H, Szűcs D (2012), Conscious Access is linked to Ongoing Brain State: Electrophysiological Evidence from the Attentional Blink. Cerebral Cortex. In Press

Bryce D, Szűcs D, Soltész F, Whitebread D (2011), The development of inhibitory control: an averaged and single-trial Lateralized Readiness Potential study. Neuroimage. 57, 671-685.

Soltész F, Szűcs D, Dékány J, Márkus A, Csépe V (2007). A combined event-related potential and neuropsychological investigation of developmental dyscalculia. Neuroscience Letters 417:181-186.