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Current research studies looking for volunteers

CamBABS study recruiting healthy volunteers

The CamBABS team at the Gender Development Research Centre is looking for volunteers to help us with our research. We are conducting a study aimed at understanding how hormone exposure within the womb relates to brain structure and behaviour. It is possible that hormone levels during fetal development influence the structural development of the human brain which in turn influences human behaviour, and this is what we are studying. You will be asked to carry out tasks assessing a range of behavioural traits. We also will use a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner to obtain images of the structure of your brain. No special training is required for any of these tasks. You will be with us for around three hours on a day time of your choosing on the Addenbrooke's campus, and you will receive £30 for participating in CamBABS plus a picture of your brain! For more information or to express your interest click the link below.

CamBABS study recruiting healthy volunteers - Read More…