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Department of Psychology


The subjective experience of thinking

14 November 2012

A ground-breaking collaboration between a fine artist and a professor of behavioural science, which aims to explore the subjective experience of thinking, is currently under way. The partners in the collaboration are Professor Nicola Clayton , of the Department of Psychology, and the fine artist and creative writer, Clive...

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RI Lecture given by Professor Nicola Clayton FRS and Clive Wilkins

30 October 2012

Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse: 26th October 2012

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Research in the spotlight

29 October 2012

Russell, J., Gee, B., and Bullard, C. (2012). Why Do Young Children Hide by Closing Their Eyes? Self-Visibility and the Developing Concept of Self. Journal of Cognition and Development, 13 (4), 550-576 - captures the imagination of BPS blog and Mail Online

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The Psychometrics Centre team visit Beijing

5 October 2012

John Rust , Michal Kosinski and Luning Sun recently visited Beijing on behalf of the Department of Psychology’s Psychometrics Centre . A presentation at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications focused on the history of psychometrics and future developments in the age of big data, and was attended by more...

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Read more at: Dr Jon Simons receives James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Award

Dr Jon Simons receives James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Award

5 October 2012

Prestigious grant awarded to Dr Jon Simons

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Cambridge is top for teaching psychology

1 October 2012

Sunday Times University Guide: Cambridge has the best psychology teaching in the UK

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Professor Robbins lectures in Beijing

30 September 2012

Peking University invites Head of Department to deliver lectures

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Flexible food-finding strategies in Eurasian jays

26 September 2012

Research by Rachael Shaw and Professor Nicola Clayton of the Department of Psychology demonstrates that jays switch their caching and pilfering tactics depending on the social context. Rachael Shaw summarises their findings.

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AS-Level Essay Competition winners receive prizes

24 September 2012

On Friday 21st September Clarissa Wigoder, from Westminster School, and Rachel Zarrouk, from Bolton School Girls' Division, received their £300 prizes for being joint winners of the 2012 AS-Level essay competition. They and their teachers had lunch with Prof Claire Hughes and Prof Melissa Hines at Newnham College. Both...

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Read more at: Professor Tyler participates in ‘A Question of Ageing’

Professor Tyler participates in ‘A Question of Ageing’

19 September 2012

A public event at the Guildhall, Cambridge

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