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Professor Trevor Robbins awarded Brain Prize 2014

last modified Mar 11, 2014 08:21 PM

Professor Trevor Robbins

The Department is delighted to announce that Professor Trevor Robbins has been awarded the prestigious Brain Prize 2014.

The Brain Prize is awarded by the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation to one or more scientists who have distinguished themselves by making an outstanding contribution to European neuroscience. This is the fourth year the Prize has been awarded. The Brain Prize recognises highly original and influential advances in any area of neuroscience, including fundamental research on molecular, cellular, physiological and pharmacological mechanisms, studies of behaviour and cognition, advances in technology for monitoring the nervous system, translational research on the application of basic knowledge to clinical and other problems of humankind, and clinical research on the causes, treatment and prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

This year the Brain Prize has been awarded to Professor Trevor Robbins, Professor Stanislas Dehaene and Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti for their pioneering research on higher brain mechanisms underpinning such complex human functions as literacy, numeracy, motivated behaviour and social cognition, and for their efforts to understand cognitive and behavioural disorders. During the official announcement ceremony, the Chair of the Brain Prize Selection Committee, Professor Colin Blakemore, commented that this year's prize,


...recognises three absolutely outstanding European scientists who have made seminal contributions to this very challenging area of work. They are recognised internationally for their contributions.


Following the announcement of the Award, Professor Robbins commented, "I am delighted to have been honoured in this way; the Award is an endorsement of the work of the BCNI collaborators on mental health disorders as well as more generally, Cambridge Neuroscience."

The official announcement of the Brain Prize 2014 can be viewed on the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research website.

The award ceremony, at which Professor Robbins, Professor Dehaene and Professor Rizzolatti will receive the shared prize of one million euros from Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, will be held in Denmark on 1 May 2014.

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