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Department of Psychology


Department of Psychology Undergraduates Prizes 2020 


Many congratulations to all the students below, who were awarded prizes in the 2020 examinations. 


The British Psychological Society Prize for Best Performance across Accredited Programmes, 2020, was awarded to:

 S. P. Patel, DOW. 


The Cambridge University Press Prize for best project, 2020, was awarded to:

 S. P. Patel, DOW. 


A Departmental Commendation for excellent performance on the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos was awarded to: 

T.K. Augustidis, K 

S. L. Frisby, CAI 

K. D. Lewis, CC 

S. M. Lappage, MUR 

M. Rodríguez López, JN 


The Passingham Prize for best performance on Part II Psychology of the Natural Sciences Tripos, 2020, was awarded to:

 R. A. Khan, CHU. 


The Winifred Georgina Holgate-Pollard Memorial Prize for best Tripos performance (Psychological and Behavioral Sciences), 2020, was awarded to:

 S. P. Patel, DOW.




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