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Department of Psychology


Project Go Viral! is part of the government's fight against fake news during the COVID crisis

Dr Jon Roozenbeek, Gates Scholar Melisa Basol, and the Social Decision-Making Lab, led by Dr Sander van der Linden, developed the game Go Viral! in collaboration with Bad News, in a project initially funded by Cambridge University's COVID-19 rapid response fund and then supported by the UK Cabinet Office. The aim of the project is to go across the globe beyond its two already translated versions in German and French with support from the WHO and United Nations.

A new study is also published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. "The latest findings show that a single play of a similar game can reduce susceptibility to false information for at least three months." -  said first author and PhD candidate, Rakoen Maertens, University of Cambridge news


Play Go Viral!

The Cambridge Research communication page published a news article with details of the project and its development with the government. Read the full news article.



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